Thursday Thoughts

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I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts. Thursday is one of my “weekend” days so I have a bit of time to do a bloggy post.


  • I survived two root canals this week. Not bad at all. The x-rays are worse, I think. They make me gag!
  • My giveaways are still up! MommySplurge March Subscription Box Trash N Treasure: Health Edition giveaway, and also a Hanky Panky Plus size Panty giveaway. Trash N Treasure ends Saturday night!
  • I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL GAME OF THRONES IS BACK ON MY TELEVISION. I need to tivo the past 3 episodes of last season so I am in the zone. I will miss watching it with my husband.
  • Speaking of, 2 more weeks until we go on vacation together.
  • My in-laws are coming today. Meh. I could say more but it wouldn’t be polite. I do not know how they produced my husband, the most wonderful man in the world. They are nice people but do weird things.
  • I have totally lost track of my boxes. Goodies said they sent my box, hasn’t shown up yet. I really want Julep to come, hasn’t shipped yet, even though everyone else who ordered the big box had theirs ship… (yes, I caved!). I have the Little Book Club and FabKids that I haven’t opened yet (I am soooo behind!). I did FINALLY get my Glossybox – the review on that one goes up tomorrow. NO RUSH, right Glossybox??
  • I *really really really* need something for the melasma over my upper lip. I’m tired of it. It didn’t go away by itself.

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What are you doing for Easter?

We bought a great big kite and we are heading to the national mall on Saturday for the national kite festival, and to see the Cherry Blossoms!  On Sunday we’ll be rocking our candy-free Easter and doing an egg hunt. I think we are going to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, no lie. My in-laws don’t want to pay ridiculous Easter prices (hey, I even have a 25% off coupon!) and I don’t blame them.  And I’m not cooking. I don’t have the time for that mess.

The kids opened a great big box from my Aunt. They played intensely for about an hour last night. E cried real tears when we put “Head” away.

E with Easter present – Potato Heads. He is Capital O obsessed!
A with My Little Ponies. She knows their names. How did this happen?

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  • Lolli S

    We are staying home for easter. Our daughter is 16 months old, so we want her to have time to play with her new easter toys.

  • Alena

    Okay, I totally agree with your In-law thought! Mine totally do weird things all the time (drives me bonkers, luckily the have no clue how to use the internet, but i still am scared to blog about it because my sister in law will tattle on me!)
    I love that you are doing a candy free Easter. I wish i did this, but i caved and got ONE chocolate lollypop for Molly (which i know she will down in 5 minutes.) I have to finish shopping tonight, it isn’t even here yet and Im over it! This is what i Do with Christmas too!!
    Oh and by the way, Molly is OBSESSED all of a sudden with Mr. Potato head too!! How old is your son? I don’t think I have ever asked you that! 🙂