ThredUP Review (selling and buying – kids’ clothes)

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It’s a reverse subscription!

About a month ago I ordered a ThredUP bag to send in. I stuffed it full of clothes, left it outside for UPS (they are here ALL the time), and finally I have the results! I just purchased my first item from ThredUP and received cash from the first bag I sent in. Right now get $15 off your first order by using promo code JUNE15 on  ThredUP! (until June 21) UPDATE: You can see all my other ThredUP reviews too (both shopping and selling) ! Be sure to check out all my bag payouts if you are looking at what you’ll get when you send in a bag. VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Read about ThredUP’s bag payout changes before sending in a bag. ThredUP will not pay you for an item if they price it below $6.49. Still an excellent value for shoppers, but ThredUP will not pay out for lower value items.

Here’s what I sent in.

I earned $17.21 from this bag. I am somewhat disappointed – I got 45 cents for a nearly new Gymboree romper! I knew I would be disappointed so I was prepared. I should have saved the boys clothes for my friend who is having a baby boy soon. 🙁 Will do that in the future for sure. I was just stressed out at having all these clothes. I didn’t even keep track of what they didn’t accept. Many of the prices really don’t make a whole lot of sense. However, I was stuck between a rock & a hard place because I don’t have any way to take it to a consignment store or even do a yard sale. The prices seem schizophrenic and I still don’t see why people are buying FROM ThredUP except when they do stupid pricing (like that Gymboree“>Gymboree romper!). Really, would you pay 5 bucks for those pants when you could get them for 6 new? If you want to see the individual items I sent in, here’s the link to my bag on ThredUP.   Screen Shot 2013 03 22 at 1 37 08 PM BUT… It’s out of my house. Or my apartment, rather. I don’t have to deal with it any more. I just don’t have the room or mental energy to deal with saving kids’ clothes. I was hoping, maybe… But it doesn’t look like it’s happening for me – I’m almost 35 and working on my own personal health and, well, we will see. This is a GREAT solution for urban parents — as long as you don’t have anyone to pass your clothes along to. I will probably be saving my next batch of clothes to take home to my folks’ place (flying home on Southwest) – I make a TON of money consigning there.  Unless, of course, I run out of space! Certainly, it’s nice to have a little extra cash coming my way. I also just sent in a bag of women’s clothes in their beta program and am looking forward to sharing my results with you! I am likely, I think, to use the women’s clothes much more than the kids’ clothes. I would rather a friend get value out of my high quality kids items than making just a few bucks off sending them in.

Here’s what I bought

I did purchase one item on a free shipping deal. I got this cute Dollhouse sweater dress/tunic for $5.99. I feel better when I get something substantial on consignment (in fact, that Sweet Heart size 4 dress in the bag was purchased on consignment). 0748   If you are interested in checking out ThredUP or ordering a bag, you can find them here: ThredUP online consignment for kids and women’s clothes. Get $10 off your first order. Use code: THRED10


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  • Deb04

    I had a positive experience purchasing a few items from Thredup. This encouraged me to try selling, and this has been quite a different matter. I sent in two bags, one contained Cole Haan and Rangoni shoes and a pair of brand new Report Signature rhinestone covered boots still in their box (featured item on many fashion sites). I emailed Thredup about their acceptance of these items and was told to use their “Return Assurance” feature. For a $12.99 fee, what ever it is they don’t accept, these items will be returned to you. I did so and guess what? I received an email informing me that they had not accepted anything from this bag and since there was no “credit” to deduct the fee from, my items would not be returned to me! I was stunned. I believed that I would be notified to “go to checkout” and pay the fee. I have written several follow-up emails, no response. How legitimate can this be? Thredup does the “evaluation” of items, deems the items “unsuitable,” then disposes of the items as they see fit, even though the contents of the bags were identified for return?! Another person has stated she recognized her unique items posted on Ebay, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the boots show up there too. My second bag is still being processed. Two weeks have passed and since the horrible experience with the shoes, I have grave concerns. This bag contained 25 items. (I included an inventory of the items in the return bag.) Christian Dior, Eileen Fisher, Lafayette 148, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, etc. many are silk, cashmere items. All in such excellent condition that when I sent them I was confident that most would be accepted and did not identify the bag for Return Assurance. Obviously, have learned since then that this doesn’t make any difference. But, still feel pretty dumb for not doing so. Had I, there might have been some chance of getting something back. In theory it sounds like a great idea to be able to clean out your closet with the convenient, cute “no cost” bag, but in reality that is the hook. We are all busy, the bag makes it convenient and the idea of making a little money from little used items seems like a win-win. In reality, Thredup ends up with sellable items for pennies, (if that) on the dollar. Their buying practices are suspect. I feel like my items were stolen from me by what seems to be a rigged “return assurance” policy. I will take the advice of another poster and contact the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if one of the local news shows’ consumer advocates did a story to expose all this? Lesson learned…if I am going to consign, I’ll make the effort with a bricks and mortar store. At least you know immediately what they are taking, you take or donate the rest. With Thredup, you might as well have just given away your items. Problem is you are left feeling totally ripped off and victimized. Google reviews…you will find multiple complaints have been filed with the BBB, other reporting sites, blogs. I wish I had done my homework!

  • Barbara

    Check out It is a recently launched website that is looking for inventory. They pay 70% of the item’s sale price and you get to upload it directly to their site. No need for bags, just use their drop down upload form, take a picture and they do the rest. They offer a concierge service in Greenwich CT and surrounding areas. They take apparel for all – women, maternity, children, men and fun stuff. If you have a few items worth giving them a try and spread the word!

  • Paige

    Use code KPC35 to save 35% and get free shipping at through 6/30/13. New customers only. 🙂

  • K

    BUYER BEWARE – THRED UP IS A SCAM! I sent in 25 perfect condition items. Many had designer names on them and brand new or worn once. I got $9.00 back for only FOUR items. One item they kept was a pair of pink Hanes shorts! I sent that one in as a test and got .40. How could they possible get rid of all the other clothing that I gave them. DO NOT SEND CLOTHING TO THRED-UP. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

    • Brandy

      Please make sure to check out my review on the ThredUP women’s private beta. I have been really happy with my payouts there. In fact, I just got another payout this morning of nearly $120!

      I did end up sending a suitcase of clothes home with my aunt. She came to watch my kids overnight last week while I was out of town and flew Southwest, so she had free bags. She brought my skinny clothes from my storage unit (hooray!) and I sent back kids clothes for consignment. I really do make the money back at her store. It varies from store to store.

  • Angela

    Thanks for your honest and thorough review! I was going to pack up a bag full of clothes that my baby outgrew before wearing, but I’m definitely rethinking the idea.