Preschooler Chore Chart & Reward Catalog

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We have had a big issue with following directions lately. A is generally a big help around the house and is now managing a lot of self care. However, it’s time for a chore chart. We haven’t been consistent with this in this past. Here’s what I set up!

ChoreChartGirl copy

I got this free printable chore chart at Pinch a Little Save-A-Lot. We put a lot of easy points in so she can feel she accomplished something. For now, all points are the same, but she can earn extra points by doing extra time on her trampoline. She is obsessed with brushing her teeth and taking her vitamins so those are all easy points. If she does everything she can earn 77 points per week (plus any extra for the trampoline).

We do have a few sticking points with her and we are looking to overcome:

  • not following directions
  • inconsistent activity level
  • not following directions
  • picky picky picky eater
  • not following directions
  • sometimes she is cranky when she does her school work
  • not following directions

Yes, I’m serious, it is that bad. Bubble Bath incident anyone??

I also made up a points catalog for her. Every point is roughly 5 cents (based on my purchase price, I frequently pick up things from Amazon just because they were a ridiculous price, so I have all these things already, except for the iPod). The chopsticks are left over from last year’s failed attempt at a chore chart. I think age 4 is better than age 3 to start. We also weren’t organized enough.

Untitled 6

Instead of converting everything into money, we are just sticking with points for now. I am making her save 20 points per week to earn an iPod. Obviously mom is heavily subsidizing the cost. Depending on the market at the time and the deals I may upgrade it to an iPad mini or an iPad 3 or whatever. The actual item isn’t really the point, just the saving part.  As she earns rewards I will replace the items with new ones. I hung her points catalog on the wall so she can dream about these items and remember to earn points. The next go round I will add an item for her brother so she can earn a gift to give him. She is a sweetheart and loves giving presents. But let’s face it, they share everything. We are not yet to the point where E needs an incentive to do stuff. He loves to help!


I totally expect to need to revise parts of this system as the weeks go on! This is just my first pass at what I hope can be a consistent behavior modification experience. We have been getting really cranky with each other and she has been ignoring me, so hopefully a little bit of positive incentive will go a long way.

Do you have a chore chart for your preschooler? What’s your system?


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