March Trash N Treasure Giveaway! Health Edition

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To celebrate the addition of HealthSplurge to my blog (go on, check it out, you know you wanna) and becoming a Take Shape For Life health coach, this month’s Trash & Treasure Giveaway is health-themed! Hooray!

If you are interested in losing 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter (results vary) check out my TSFL site and contact me! Make your health your #1 splurge!

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

So as a subscription box reviewer I get a lot of products that are never going to get used. Some are duplicative, others it’s just personal preference. This is your opportunity to have a chance to win products from a variety of boxes including KLUTCHclub, Bulu Box, and Healthy Surprise (links to directory listings)! It’s also a great way to poke fun at the packing of a box!

IMG 5244

What’s in the MommySplurge Trash N Treasure Giveaway: Health Edition Box

IMG 5242Healthy Stuff

Beauty Stuff

I don’t even

You can do this too!

If you are subscription box freak, you can do this too! Just gather up several items you won’t use and a piece of chocolate and VOILA! Your very own subscription box. Don’t forget to add the following:

  • Coupons
  • A random item or two that doesn’t fit the theme
  • “coupons” or “gift cards” requiring the recipient to spend large sums of money on a product they aren’t really sure they want.

US Entrants only, please. Giveaway ends 3/31 at midnight (winter is coming later that day…). I put a whole bunch of options for extra entries this time. No, I don’t expect you to do all of them. That would be insane.
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  • Jote

    my number 1 health splurge is bottled water

  • Jote

    trash: CD
    Treasure: gloss

  • Bonnie Caselman

    My own idea fitting the Candy Free Easter theme would be flower seeds or starters to plant for spring.

  • Bonnie Caselman

    My number one health splurge isn’t really a splurge but I live by it! I take cranberry supplements everyday. Anyone who’s susceptible to chronic UTIs should try it.

  • Bonnie Caselman

    My Trash from this month’s giveaway is the Acacia Workout Sampler. My Treasure is the ALFAPARF Cristalli Liquidi Serum.

  • Laura P.

    Treasure: Anything with chocolate lol
    Trash: Probably the CD but you never know.

  • Jennifer frank-lopez

    Splurge – hubby and I just bought an oiless fryer.. Can’t wait to use it!!

  • Gianna

    Brownies and clutter.

  • Brandy

    Someone named Elven commented on the post on the previous server. This is mostly just a note to myself!

  • Christina Oddy

    I joined the Ymca. not something we can really afford, but it is good for us all!

  • Christina Oddy

    Love this site! glad to know I’m not the only one slightly obsessed with subscription boxes!

  • Gyps

    This is a great idea! I should start putting a box together of my unused box items…

    Trash: definitely the CD
    Treasure: eye lash curler

  • sandra davis

    trash would be cd……treasure ALFAPARF Cristalli Liquidi Serum

  • sandra

    trash – cd, treasure – brownie

  • Jennifer lopez

    My trash would be the cd and treasure definitely the Lauren Brooke Costmetiques mini lip gloss pot in winterberry. I recieved one in a klutchclub box and I love it! Small enough you can just stick it in your jeans pocket and it feels amazing on the lips!

    • Brandy

      That is just what I said on my review about the gloss! Shame I didn’t try it, but I have to save treasures for this silly giveaway too!