March Bulu Box Review – Feel Good Discovery Box

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We got our March Bulu Box!

Yahoo, Bulu Box seems to have dumped that crappy explod-a-box that they have been using up until now.

20130320-185130.jpg Bulu Box is a monthly health, nutrition, and supplement discovery box. You earn rewards to spend on full-size products by subscribing and reviewing samples. Lucky “Bulugans” can also win mega-prizes in their monthly box. Bulu Box costs $10 a month. See the Bulu Box directory listing for additional information and reviews.

There’s like a zillion coupons right now for Bulu. Try FIRSTFREE. To get your first box free. I know, right?

What’s inside the March Bulu Box?

The first peek inside the March Bulu Box was frankly a little disappointing. Despite this huge new box, it seemed a little empty, you know?


Like really empty.

The information card this month was a fold-out card instructing me to plank and do stair reverse pushups or something. Yeah. Riiiiight. Ok maybe I’m just not their target market. I get it. That’s cool. I’m still reviewing this box.


Bulu’s inside information card is always really informative. And I messed up this picture from my phone. I’m going to tell you what’s inside the box, so whatever. I can deal with it if you can.



Ok, this is what we have. I really should’ve opened this box last night and I would’ve taken like half the stuff all at once to chill out.

  • Pineapple Dreamwater. Finally, a new flavor besides snozberry. (it’s really snoozeberry, but doesn’t everyone call it snozberry?)
  • iTrain $50 gift card.
  • Quick Fire drinky thing so your VEINS CAN BE HUGE.
  • Redd AtEase PM.
  • QSpeed CoQ10 meltable tabs.
  • AeroShot Energy. An Aerodynamic Energy Shot dietary supplement. You can actually buy a single one of these (free shipping) at the AeroShot store.

But wait, there’s more. This is perhaps the best part of this box. YOU CAN BUY A NO-ADDED CAFFEINE AEROSHOT CHOCOLATE. (yes, I just bolded all-capsed you guys). And it gets better. NO CALORIES. You’re

If you too would like a monthly delivery of delightful wonders, check out Bulu Box. Choose from discovery box or weight loss. I dunno, the discovery box is just so trippy that I kinda love it.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I’m either calling this box the Marilyn, the Elvis, or the upper/downer box. What do you think?


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