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Well, health week on the blog has been kind of ridiculous. Soooo many posts! Everything has been kind of ridiculous. It seems like ALL of my subscription boxes came this week. They need to be a little more spread out. No, not everyone gets all the boxes but the very top boxes – let’s tweak our delivery schedules, mmmmkay?


  • Candy-Free Easter Series: Go check out all my ideas to keep candy out of your kids’ (and yours!) Easter baskets. I basically decided I had had enough with candy for the holidays. So I’m stopping.
  • Julep Mystery Box, Julep Maven April, I think Julep is my favorite box right now. It’s basically just for me (although I paint the kids’ nails all the time) and it (usually) doesn’t have food.
  • Giveaways: March Trash N Treasure, and Hanky Panky Plus Size Panty.
  • I did not have a good teeth week. Or a good blog-hosting week.
  • I had an awesome amazing weight loss week and I keep on going downwards. I feel good GREAT. Can’t wait to go to Disney World with this energy. I also became a Take Shape For Life health coach. Imma try not to be annoying about it but hey, it works for me. It has worked in the past but I didn’t stick with it (hello, babies). My life is different now and I am just done being overweight and sick and not looking good or feeling good about myself and being a terrible example for my precious, precious children. My friends have noticed and they are also all over it. There’s just something different about approaching your mid-thirties. You are just done with farting around.
  • I miss my husband. PS don’t tell him yet, but he is so going on TSFL when we get back from Disney.  Oh, he knows it’s coming – he just doesn’t know when.  I’m also going to try to not be jealous of him.


  • All the kids’ stuff in our March Citrus Lane Box.
  • Snacks from Healthy Surprise. My kids have been digging this box like mad. The grawnola was a huge hit, as well as the chocolate coconut macaroons. Those are both Hail Merry snacks. The grawnola was highly cinnamony! Hail Merry makes all sorts of macaroon flavors so I hope Healthy Surprise sends a different one out for the kids to enjoy. I just love having the variety available for them without spending hours in the smallest Whole Foods in the world. I ordered another shipment of Healthy Surprise for April.


  • The mom item in our March Citrus Lane Box.
  • Golden Tote selling out of all large items. Ridiculous shipping costs. Skipped it.
  • All the boxes coming in the same week. I already said that. But I hate it.
  • I want more me boxes. I am not sure what. I don’t need anything. But it’s been a tough week and I could use retail therapy for that.


  • I have no idea what boxes are coming up next. I get shipping notices after I get them, I still haven’t heard a hint about my Glossybox (wah), and I can’t keep track of anything. Seasons Box & Klutch Club are up next week, I have them, I took the pictures, just gotta write them up.
  • Teeth week, in a few weeks, or maybe in a month. We’re going to talk ALL ABOUT TEETH and how to save them. The dentists have proffered several hypotheses for why I had three teeth totally rot out in a year and a half: soda (diet), stress, and sugar (blood sugar). Not to mention the nightly grinding. Seriously the whole I almost lost 3 teeth thing was way more shocking than my oopsy baby.


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