Hits & Misses (and Deals!)

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If you’re new, I try to do Hits & Misses every Saturday, but it can be a bit of a Hit or Miss with my schedule! I try to keep it to the highlights!

Deals & Limited Time Stuffs



  • Juniper Box was just totes fabulous. If you don’t have one yet, you should. Read my review of the March Juniper box!
  • Pop Sugar March was great!! I feel a little crazy writing that. For a non-luxury box, they hit it out of the park. Almost makes me want to drop $100 on the Summer luxury box.
  • Wittlebee’s changes mean more consumer choice as well as savings for moms of 2.
this handsome dude? always a hit. if you must know, hat from land’s end, sweater from the gap, jeans from osh kosh.


  • My son looooved the pico de gallo chips from February Love With Food. Which I can’t help but type Food with Love. If you didn’t pick up the Fab.com deal and it’s still available do it right now, it’s insane!
  • I used Raise.com to buy two discounted Amazon.com gift cards. I don’t care if I only saved three bucks, it was still three bucks! They have a great coupon good for the entire month of March! (sorry, new members only)
  • Costco mandarin oranges in big jars. Yessssss.
  • 26 days until we surprise the kids and go to Disney World! My husband keeps texting me how excited he is. He’s going to fly here and we’ll meet him inside security at the airport. The kids are going to flip. out.




  • All bars made out of chia. My kids just don’t dig them.
  • My kids were pretty meh about the Graze box poached pear. They have issues. And no, I still don’t have any invites. If you have an invite to share feel free to post it!
  • Google Reader shutting down.
  • This hat.
    ummmm this was a miss. in a serious, serious way. it turns out i have a man-size head. i look like a farmer.
    i did not look like this after the application of the hat to my head. i mean i didn’t expect to be skinny and blonde but that was a terrible hat.
    i felt this was a much better look.


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  • I do not really know how many coupons i used from this site..i cannot count them but every time i go shopping i just fill my bag with all the coupons i might use....verrrrrrrrrrrry good savings...

    Thanks so much for the deals I have used a few from Lane Bryant and some for other places. When I go shopping with friends I print one copy for me and one for them.