Hits & Misses

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I missed hits & misses this past weekend! We were busy! Spent Saturday doing grocery shopping and playing on the balcony with sidewalk chalk. I don’t have any pictures. Oh well. We had a good time.


  • Both Birchboxes were big hits! My husband’s March Birchbox Man had all sorts of great stuff in it and the best smelling cologne. My March Birchbox had things I will actually use. I am a happy camper!
  • The bean chips from February Love with Food box were a gigantic hit with my two year old.
  • My chore chart for my 4 year old. She earned 50 points this week. 20 are going in the bank for an iPod. The rest she is saving to “purchase” the My Little Pony train set.
  • My 4 year old reliably eats corn now. My 2 year old will still eat anything. Happy about this.
  • I finished all three tax returns. Much as I love Turbo Tax, I refused to pay for the second state (where hubby works). I did it by hand and saved forty bucks. It was a real pain but it’s in the mail to hubs. We don’t owe anything there, but it still had to be done.


  • No misses this week! I didn’t really get anything in the mail 🙁 My big miss was not signing up for Julep this month. I’m so sad I didn’t. But it gave me a chance to use up some other polishes. Mine are currently done in Rimmel’s Purple Rain, which is a fantastic (and cheap!) oxblood. Not so springy but I love the color. I don’t think I had used it before.
  • I bribed my child to eat a pasta casserole with a Blue Bunny birthday cake mini cone treat. She did actually finally ingest a pasta casserole. But still.
  • I spent my spring break working. At least we’re going to Disney World soon. 31 days!

Coming up next

  • Juniper box! I have to edit the photos – look for it tomorrow. It is sooo great! I mean totally fantastic great I love it.
  • Pop Sugar Must Have Box! Probably Wednesday or Thursday
  • Who knows what else! I gotta have something coming soon!

So many points!! Lots of room for improvement, which I think is good. A little challenge never hurts as long as there is success too! 20130311-122631.jpg


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