Fun Kids Bunkbeds (and Tent Bed!)

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We love Maxtrix beds!*

Have you ever heard of Maxtrix beds? They are modular children’s beds that can be bunked, unbunked, modified, and grown (and you should check out the Maxtrix website for all the older kid options. We do plan on making this into a taller loft later so we can put a desk under it). We decided on this system because it is affordable (warning it’s still pricey but we are buying beds once!!) and because it is solid as a rock. We were wholly unimpressed with some of the competitors’ offerings. Many of them seemed like they would break!

This is my daughter’s bed. It’s in a terribly messy room but we love it! We totally customized her bed – it’s a twin bed low loft with high ends (normally low), a straight ladder, slide, and bedside tray. If you want to see all the individual pieces, look at the Maxtrix product range catalog (must have flash). You can order beds as a package, or do like we did, and order each piece individually.  The cost for the taller bed ends was a bit more, but I greatly prefer them.


We love the extra space the under-bed play area provides! We got the slide specifically to encourage indoor activity when the weather is bad and I swear the kids spend half the day going in big circles up the ladder, down the slide, up the slide, etc. (and let me tell you it was a big deal when E made it upstairs the first time!). And A *loves* her cup tray. This crazy child night-trained herself but also drinks most of her water intake while asleep. I don’t even know how THAT works.

omg don’t hate on the binkie, he still uses it at night for his reflux. obviously they are still supposed to be asleep because sleepbuddy is on, they must have woken up early that day.

And we built it ourselves!

Instead of using a local dealer (you can find one on the Maxtrix site) we saved some dough, ordered online, and assembled it ourselves. I am just a happy customer but I have to say I got probably the best customer service I have ever gotten anywhere from Beds Bunks & Lofts. I highly highly highly recommend them. The owner called me on a Sunday night to help with our issues so we could get things finished and our little one in bed and has provided service countless times afterwards.

waiting for assembly
first time in the bed!

It was worth it to us to save the money and assemble the bed ourselves, but we did have a few headaches. It took us an entire evening to put together. My husband did most of the work.

The Tent (drumroll…)

Now, we wanted a tent for this bed. I ordered the tent parts with the bed but not the fabric, because I just wasn’t all that keen on it and besides I am a special snowflake and must have things my way. A few days ago, after months of deciding, planning, printing out swatches and face timing with my best friend to determine fabric choices, measuring, writing up the plans, buying the fabric on Black Friday, shipping it to my aunt, further planning with her in December, a surprise house closing for my cousin and lots of life stuff in between… We installed the top half!! This bed tent is better than my wildest dreams! (And yes, just buy the built in tent because you will hate yourself for all the work a custom tent requires). And no, you could not pay my Aunt enough to make one for you. I promise.


My aunt wanted to throttle me for pawning this project onto her but she said these faces were worth it!  Our bed is even better now that it’s a house, a fort, a puppet theater, and whatever small minds dream up. And hey, the added privacy makes it easier on my daughter now that my son moved into the big boy bed in her their room two nights ago. We are lucky that we have this gigantic master-sized room for them to share. I am cleaning out E’s old room (which is also craft supplies and other storage, which is why he can’t sleep on the bed in there) for either their school area or his eventual room.

I actually built the bed he is sleeping on with my own two hands (had plans to make a dark blue one too but life intervened and he gets the purple bed). It’s solid as a rock but he is a more immature sleeper than she was and I didn’t build rails… Nevertheless he started refusing his crib (mommy tears) and we were stuck!

everything is such a non-event with a second child. this is A. E has no pictures of a new bed because he hasn't gotten one yet.
everything is such a non-event with a second child. this is A. E has no pictures of a new bed because he hasn’t gotten one yet.

Plans, Plans, Plans!

Though I’d planned on his bigger bed in another year (not lofted at least not yet) I am thinking about doing it sooner rather than later. Had I seen the Maxtrix beds I wouldn’t have invested any sweat into that sweet purple bed at all (and there was sweat.. I built it in an unventilated and uninsulated garage in Florida in the middle of summer. I am sweating just thinking about it). And I think he would sleep better with a little more bed equality! Also this child has a serious obsession with blankies and babies.


I am planning on a castle top for E’s bed. We will be making curtains to go around the sides, and some sort of top covering for added light protection (as well as AC/heater protection. Our blower is crazy). Something like this but of course totally different because his will be dark wood, high bed ends, and have custom furnishings in a red dragon theme (I am so lucky to have an Aunt like mine). And yes I totally came up with the room design while watching Game of Thrones (alas I will never have enough children to see my plan to fruition!).

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 8.47.17 AM

I think I will be able to decide as soon as we find out if we’re moving (again!) or not.

SAFETY NOTE: Remember with any children’s furniture but especially bunk beds to check the hardware periodically and tighten, and make sure your children are of the appropriate size and maturity level to sleep elevated.

* I sure didn’t get this bed free or any compensation whatsoever for writing this post. This is just an FYI from one mom to the next about these awesome beds! If you order from Send me to my room, give Nate a shoutout so he knows how much I loved his service.


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  • Rebekah

    Brandy, would you mind sending me a couple of pictures to show me how the curtains are laid out? I can’t tell from the Maxtrix pics if their curtain drapes all the way from the foot of the bed to the head, or if there’s a large square hole in the middle for the kids’ heads to poke out. I’d also like to see how you’ve decided to design your curtains (if they are done any differently than theirs). Lastly, I’m hoping to see how the actual wooden tent supports are attached to the bed/rails. We have a non-Maxtrix bunk bed. I’m currently sewing the play tent for the bottom bunk, but want to see if there would be a safe way to make the top-tent like you have. It seems do-able, but a couple of pictures might REALLY help. Thanks for any help! 😀

  • jvergin

    That bed is adorable!! I want one for me!

    • Brandy

      It has the bottom part now but I don’t have a photo on me. My iphoto library is at home. it’s a yellow floral pattern and it has an archway with bobble trim all around it. It’s adorable.