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You know what, I’m in love with Bloglovin! It is such a GREAT alternative to asking readers to sign up for a zillion newsletters, amiright? You still get your stuff delivered to your inbox, but not 50 newsletters worth. I don’t really push out anything to newsletter subscribers that’s exclusive. I just want you to have my posts in your hot little hands.

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I updated my subscribe via email options on my 2 current giveaways to include Bloglovin. Sweet! So if you didn’t get those entries because you don’t like email subscriptions, follow me on bloglovin’ and snag an extra 5 points on the giveaways!

[box]March Subscription Box Trash N Treasure: Health Edition – Giveaway is OPEN!

Hanky Panky Plus size Panty Giveaway is OPEN![/box]


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