Birchbox Man March Review

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Birchbox Man is a monthly sampling box for men. You fill out your profile and Birchbox selects one of about 15 iterations of their boxes to send to you. Birchbox is a discovery service and you earn rewards points by subscribing and reviewing the products you receive in your monthly box.  You can then spend your points on full-size items in the Birchbox store.

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I still LOVE this box as in the actual cardboard thing!!! I stole it and my husband isn’t getting it. I love functional & reusable boxes! Also mad props to Birchbox – I forgot to change the address for this box and they sent out another one to my husband! He was so cute – he told me NOT to spoil his surprise! I will bring along dad’s stuff to Disney (we are meeting up with him at the airport) so he can have it there. (Note to self, tell him not to pack shave cream! Or fragrance!)


What’s in the box?



As usual, Birchbox Man is nice and full. The theme this month is drinking and looking manly during March Madness. That’s my interpretation of it anyways.

  • GO247 Shave Cream. My husband’s face is like a brillo pad. He loves trying fancy new shave cream! The 4 oz bottle is $16 on Birchbox making this 2-ouncer worth 8 bucks.


  • Atelier Cologne – Vetiver Fatal. Um when I was sniffing this I spilled a teensy bit on my arm. And now I want to make out with myself. Seriously good. I would never have discovered this fragrance without Birchbox. And I want to soak my husband in it. YUM. It’s described as a unisex blend of citrusy notes with a woodsy finish. Not sure I would wear this myself but it is definitely great and I love how it isn’t too strong. I will have the kids send the postcard to dad tomorrow! IMG_4954
  • Areaware Bottle Opener. $14. As you can see it will stick to your fridge (or your utility panel) and has a nifty magnet to hold the caps after removal. I suspect my husband will also use the nail to clean underneath his nails.


  • Birchbox Man Coasters – only two.  Apparently Birchbox Men only have one friend. Purportedly worth $12, but I think these are vinyl. They’re cute (I mean totally uber-manly) but I wouldn’t pay 6 bucks apiece.


  • Birchbox Man Koozie. $4. I love this! I noticed the Koozie was kinda “hippy” (as in curvaceous)v but you know what, that means it should fit around more stout bottles that the typical Koozie can’t handle. That does not include my Mich Ultra snuggled in the Koozie. My husband would be ashamed that I paraded his Koozie around with a low carb beer. I should also note that I purchased that beer a year and a half ago. Sigh.


Should you splurge?

Yes, as usual, you should buy this box for your man. I think the value is incredible. My husband LOVES getting the shave, fragrance, and doodads.  It makes him feel special and like I am taking care of him. And honestly I wouldn’t know where to start with some of these items so I am very thankful to have Birchbox Man to spoil him.

I basically have the same thing to say about this box as I said in my February Birchbox Man review:

This is a great way for men to sample grooming products. Just because they may not have the time to go out to purchase them (just like Moms!) or the desire to noodle around the department store counters doesn’t mean they don’t want or need grooming supplies. Twenty dollars per month is a great price point for what is in this box. It also seems a lot more on point to my husband’s profile than the sister Birchbox for women is to my profile. Many other men’s subscriptions are extremely pricey or are focused on a curated experience. This is an extremely solid grooming and lifestyle box and well worth the twenty dollars in my opinion. An added plus is the very functional box it comes in! You can sign up for Birchbox Man here. Thanks for using my link!

If you are already a Birchbox subscriber I suggest signing up under your own account – so you can pool your points together!


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