Wittlebee February Review – Girls

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Our Wittlebee box arrived!

Wittlebee‘s monthly subscription box contains six items of kids clothing based on your style profile and sizes.  Wittlebee boxes are $39.99 + 5.99 shipping per month (and it’s easy to skip). When you sign up you take a short quiz – gender, preferred color schemes, and clothing items you prefer (long sleeve, onesies, etc.). Wittlebee is available for girls and boys, sizes 0-3 months all the way up to size 6. Boys review coming soon!

Wittlebee does a fantastic job of selecting the items and under $8 per item (shipped), it is a great bargain. Also see the Wittlebee subscription box directory listing.

I would describe all the items we received as being playwear items of boutique clothing lines.  I looove some of the regular items (check out this Trish Scully Azalea dress, I LOVE these colors on my girl!). It would be GREAT to have some sort of add-on program for special item clothes or something like that, but honestly, the playwear clothes are way more versatile and usable than special occasion clothes. Plus the clothes that we got are super sweet and fancy.

Here’s A’s information from her style profile

Size: 6
Styles needed: Long Sleeve, PantsLeggings, Dresses/Skirts
Favorite Colors: Brights, Pastels
Child’s Gender: Girl

I also wrote a note to my stylist.

leggings only, NO PANTS. my child is round.

So, let’s see what we got!

IMG_4286 (1) It’s time for a fashion show!

We had soooo much fun opening this box!

Wittlebee Outfit #1

This is a purple tunic top and matching ruffle-cuff leggings by Trish Scully.

she loves this shirt! so do i.
i don’t love this style of cuff, but it’s less obnoxious than MANY i have seen. but she’s 4 and it’s darling. I’m totally happy with it.
she seriously doesn’t own white underwear. whoops!

I’ll have to pick up some plain tighty-whiteys. Or just not care. She’s 4. She definitely doesn’t care.

Wittlebee Outfit #2

Aqua tunic with lots of ruffles and a cute ruffle rose, plus lime green velour leggings, by Le Top.  A has worn this outfit twice since we got it. She has begged for it. WIN! You can see the leggings in the videos above. You can also see this outfit in action in my February SeasonsBox review.

A is crazy crazy about this tunic.

Wittlebee Outfit #3

Adorable Wittlebee exclusive THREADLESS tee! Plus Crush ribbed leggings in Navy. I love the fabric on these tights. They are like legging tights. Or footless tights. Nice heavy fabric but so versatile.

tee and leggings

Should you Splurge?

Heck yeah! This box is a wicked awesome deal and all the clothes were hits with my daughter. The clothes matched our profile exactly and were JUST what we wanted. I just loved that we got three outfits instead of 6 random things! It makes it even a better value because you’re not trying to fit something new into your child’s wardrobe.

If you use my link to sign up for Wittlebee you will get $10 off your first order .


Each monthly box contains six items of kids clothing based on your style profile and sizes of approximately $100 in retail value. Showroom feature allows you to select half the items in your box.



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