Weekend Thursdays at home with the kids!

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I decided to switch my days up.

My weekend now consists of Thursday and Saturday. It is so nice not having to wait until the weekend to spend a day with my kids. I’ll be working at home on Sundays while our babysitter takes care of the kids. I love being able to work at home to get a baby-break when I’m bored with work. This schedule works great for me while my husband is still working out of town.

Today we decided to have a cleaning day. Ok, I decided. This is why.


We started out by running Roger (our Neato Robotics vacuum) while A jumped on the trampoline. Roger is resting now, charging up his batteries! [note – that’s the link for the latest model. We bought ours at Costco for much less! And yes, it’s totally worth each and every cent.]

In the middle we played doctor. The kids get up on their art table to play.


And we ran the dishes and several loads of laundry. My little helpers moved the clothes around for me again! It is so nice for them to have some responsibility for doing chores.

I cannot focus on cleaning enough to tackle one area at once. So I pick something up, put it away, and invariably there is something right there to pick up and put it away. I did this for about an hour this morning. We still haven’t gotten to the toys, that will be during naptime (my oldest not only doesn’t nap, she barely sleeps). That’s how I clean up. Because I hate cleaning.

Then apparently we went to the pet store and bought a doggy.


A helped me spot clean this silly inherited WHITE build a bear that had a filthy paw (I took the opportunity to clean up the spilled oxiclean!). Two birds, one stone!


She is always unclothed. I cannot keep clothes on that child. She loves to play in the sink and when she gets wet she strips.


Then she helped wash the grapes (and baby hippo) for lunch! I unloaded the dishwasher while I made some grilled cheese. The kids love mommy day because I make grilled cheese on the stove.

After lunch is over I am getting the kids dressed again so we can Skype with the grandparents!

Do you do anything  with your kids to make cleaning days at home a little more special? 


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