Tasting plates help little ones try new things!

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20130208-011844.jpgThese snacks are from our Naturebox! The kids demolished the stuff on the big side of the plate. The peas were carried to the living room (to play with? To save? I don’t know!).

The granola and the masa crisps weren’t as big of a hit, but A sure was proud of herself for trying them. And that’s pretty much the point!20130208-011857.jpg

A tasting plate can really work with any kind of food. Veggies, fruit, whatever you want to serve! It doesn’t need to be fancy or on a fancy plate or in a special container. The idea is just to get some different flavors and textures on one plate so the kids can sample them. Include at least one familiar item to get them going.

Be sure to include different textures: chewy, crunchy, crisp, soft, wet, dry.

And different flavors: sweet, sour, savory, salty.

And then let them dig in!



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