The easiest way to wash your makeup brushes

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Yep, this is how I wash my makeup brushes. A *loves* playing in the water. She’s been obsessed with it for the past two years. It’s a very soothing activity for her and despite the mess (both water and soap) I have had to learn to say Yes to her. Actually I bribe her with it sometimes when I want her to stop doing an undesired activity.

This past weekend I loaded up all my brushes and let her have at it. First, she rinsed them all off. And then lost her shirt.


Then she soaped them up and did her thing.


She soaped up each one individually, and…


Eventually they all got clean! Mommy may have helped a little but it was nice to just give them to her and be done with it. Since then, she’s been begging constantly to wash my brushes again. I guess maybe now I’ll actually have clean makeup brushes!

And if you’re wondering how I got so many, I subscribed to the Bare Minerals quarterly package for about 2 years from QVC. Two great things about that – the mineral makeup doesn’t expire and I got a TON of brushes!


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