Sunday Nonsense

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  • I was in bed checking my email and I saw that it’s a great week for OfficeMax Rewards! So I rolled out of bed and started shopping. OfficeMax Perks work like CVS Extra Care Bucks except that you have to put in a lot more money at the beginning. I have been doing it for a long time so I always have hundreds of dollars in Rewards to spend. This week I got Mr. Sketch Markers, Prismacolor Pencils, and Scotch tape & tape dispensers. High heel ones at that. All 100% back after MaxPerks. This was a SUPER week! I kind of hate when they have paper now because I am so stocked it’s not even funny.  When they have the paper I buy it and send it to my grandparents for them to donate. Super happy it wasn’t yet another paper week.
  • My husband is leaving today. Wah.
  • IMG_4638Last night I decided to take the kids to Disney World in a couple of weeks during my vacation. I think I’m crazy. I considered a staycation but I’m feeling really ambivalent about that. So basically I’m still deciding. We took them 2 years ago while E was a baby and I was on maternity leave.
  • Bestie LOVED her new Hanky Panky panties from my Pop Sugar Box! I knew she would. She also signed up for Julep. Then we did our nails. She demanded I do my nails in Julep Morgan from my February Mystery Box because they matched my glasses precisely (what did I tell you?). And it does.
  • Also, bestie & husband demolished half the chocolate from my Juniper box. And we had to STEP AWAY from the Mariebelle chocolates in the Pop Sugar box. Just. That. Good. If you are a fine chocolate super freak, read my friend Victoria’s blog, The District Chocoholic.
  • Today we are wrapping up husband’s visit with a trip to the mall for an Elevation Burger lunch. We got a ton of Certifikid vouchers and we aren’t afraid to use them. Probably a trip to Target (which is in our mall) and… I don’t know what else. Maybe the bouncy store. Even though I totally hate indoor playgrounds and the last time we went to one we all got Norovirus. At Christmas. And then gave my entire family norovirus. At Christmas.
  • Dad’s on pancake duty, so now that I’m awake I’m going to get rolling!


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