Seersucker for Little Boys & Shoplifting Little Girls

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140106699One thing nobody tells you when you’re having a baby is that you cannot wait for holiday clothes to go on sale. They always sell out of the size you need well in advance. Christmas clothes for little kids are gone by the second week in November. Fortunately I have since learned my lesson since discovering this terrible fact of life.

I picked up this adorable little jacket* for E yesterday at the mall at Crazy 8 (no, we still don’t have a car, my BFF drove us there). Easter clothes are out.

Too cute for words. We have a June wedding to attend (my cousin’s – she’s like my sister) and all the great-greats will be there. Serious photographs will be taken. Baby E will be rocking this jacket like nobody’s business. Unless we find something better. Honestly I just didn’t want to be caught without something and fancy boy’s clothes will be non-existent in about 3 weeks.

I can find a dress for A any day of the week, but I needed something enduringly photoworthy for the gigantic canvas portrait that will no doubt hang on my grandmother’s wall forever.

It’s actually not a true seersucker, so I’ll keep looking around (I have a feeling that I will need to wash and dry the crap out of it to attempt to get it to pucker, but I’m waiting, just in case). We love this idea though (me & BFF) and the jacket is very lightweight for nasty June weather in Florida (trust me on this, it’s terrible). After the main photos are over we are going to change his shirt to a graphic T and let him rock his mohawk. My grandmother loves the mo’. E does too. He gets upset if I don’t do his hair. Which is often, because his babysitter is the real mohawk artist.

* This is not an affiliate link. I actually went to the store and bought this jacket along with two clearance shirts for E for this fall. At dinner I was fishing A’s coverup (she wore a princess dress and tiara to the grocery store and mall – how is this child mine? naturally I dressed E in his faux chainmail to match) out of the stroller and discovered that she had snuck “a shirt for baby E” into the basket. Ugggh. BFF & I consulted and determined that an explanation of why it was bad was in order, but no frogmarching to the register to return the item. The cashier thought it was pretty funny and it seemed like it happened all the time. She’s only 4, and to be fair, when I take A&E to the mall, I put things in/on the stroller before checking out. She did make out with frosted animal crackers by the end of the trip.

Our trip to Elevation Burger (an organic burger chain, if you have one, go. It’s the best!) was funded with vouchers from Certifikid! Certifikid is a voucher site for family activities. Normally we would have paid about $40 for this meal (although normally we don’t get drinks for the kids and bring our own straw cups) and we scored it for $20. I also picked up a slew of vouchers for a local museum on the cheap.


Yep, that’s a ludicrous amount of ketchup. But he’s so darn cute dipping.


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