Peckish Box Review – Sweet Tooth January 2013

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Our Peckish Box Came!

Peckish is a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription box that comes with 3 bags of snack mixes.  Each box is $14.99, but you can get $5 off your first box. Check out more details of Peckish Boxes in the directory.

Here’s what was in our Peckish Box IMG_3957

After examining the options on the Peckish site, I ordered the “Sweet Tooth” Box for my kids. In our box we got Strawberry Sunrise, Sweet & Tart, and Banana Land.  Each bag has 5 servings.


I wasn’t too impressed with Strawberry Sunrise. It was mostly oats, with some strawberries & dates thrown in. I thought the blend in this mix was pretty unsatisfactory.


Baby E wasn’t impressed either. He happily ate the strawberries and most of a date (after tossing on the ground a few times – he really didn’t know what it was, but he finally tried it and loved it!) He ended up throwing the oats on the ground.


A wanted to eat the Sweet & Tart because of the chocolate. She said the pineapple was “gummy and chewy.”  I gave it to E, who gnawed on the pineapple for a long time and eventually returned it to me. This is a beautiful presentation but it didn’t work for my kids. I tasted the pineapple and it was delicious, but it is hard to chew.


The Banana Land looks promising but we didn’t open it yet. It looks like a nice even mix and I am pretty sure the kids will be excited with the tastes.

Here’s What We Liked


  • Great, natural ingredients! Looks like low added fat, too.
  • Large amount of food (15 servings in your box)
  • Really high quality ingredients
  • Nice Flavors/Blends
  • Frequency extremely customizable
  • Everything in the Peckish Box is recyclable
  • Good stock up box, especially if you can’t get to or don’t have a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or a place to buy natural snack mixes
  • E likes dates! Who knew!
  • This would be a GREAT breakfast box – especially if you’re bad about eating breakfast, you can have this box at the office and bring a yogurt to enjoy with it.

Here’s What Was Not So Great

What the Strawberry Sunrise looks like on the website
What the Strawberry Sunrise looks like on the website
  • Low value mix of items in the Strawberry Sunrise (how the heck are you supposed to eat that anyways at work? Doesn’t seem like a good nibbling snack
  • Items hard to chew – but if you’re an adult, maybe you want the long chewing time!
  • Hard to find where to pause/suspend/cancel on the website.
  • Less of a “discovery box” – but that’s ok. This would be a good box to have at work for when you need some nibbles on hand.
  • No way to indicate likes/dislikes.


Overall I thought this was a nice box, but I think it could use some tweaking. I appreciated how the box came – inside a tyvek bubble wrap mailer and without custom-printed boxes. The outer sleeve made for a nice presentation and it is easy to reuse this box for something else. This box is best kept for the office rather than your kids. My husband will be delighted to have these snacks around to put on some greek yogurt when he visits in a few weeks.

UPDATE: please see our second look at our Peckish snacks here!


weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription box that comes with 3 bags of snack mixes. Choose from the Energy Booster, the Sweet Tooth, the Nutrition Box, the Protein Box, the Light Box, and the Surprise Me! Box.



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