Midnight Musings

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  • it’s snowing outside! eek!
  • my giveaway is about to end. So excited to get rid of some trash!
  • I didn’t clean up the kids quick dinner pbj. I cut out hearts with a cookie cutter and my son only ate two of four. I am a terrible mother because I forgot to give him an extra snack. Or clean
  • instead we played and talked to dad.
  • oh now I remember. He ate a cupcake. Now I am a terrible mom because I only gave my kids sugar for dinner.
  • I’m watching White Collar. Matt Bomer is the hottest man alive. But I also love this show
  • no I basically don’t sleep
  • now I can’t wait until the march giveaway!! Feel free to make trash/treasure suggestions and stay subscribed so you don’t miss any posts or giveaways!!
  • thank you all sooo much for the awesome review suggestions! More coming soon! I think wittlebee (girls) is up next? I can’t remember

is this not the sweetest thing? We can’t wait to see daddy tomorrow!


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