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I’m down 2 pounds from last week! Hooray! Even though its not the hugest number I am happy with that because I am bloated and cranky if you know what I mean. And if you want to read about tampons instead of weight loss, check out my Juniper period subscription box review (and get your first box freeee!). But come back anyways for the cute pictures at the bottom of this hella long post.

Summary – February 18

1 month downward progression. refer to crankiness above for explanation of flat slope. the sharp turn downward was when I went back on Metformin. my iPhone program estimates I’ll reach my goal weight in 7 months. I think it’s a tad optimistic and I’ll be happy if I can lose everything in a year.

Down: 2 lbs from last week
Total: 25.4 lbs since Jan 4
Lost: 1-2 clothing sizes. 5 points on BMI.
Walked: 8.5 miles*

the 0.2 miles of cycling was from when my phone was being held hostage by a stroller-bound child. Don’t get too excited. This includes commuting.

My Week

Last week bestie cleaned out her closet and brought me all her clothes. YAY. I love not having to buy new stuff. Now she’s an entire foot taller than me so the rest gets donated but I will be glad to have some nice pieces to clothe my body instead of trying to wear big baggy clothes. I can already wear some of them. DOUBLE YAY. I’m just about ready to retire my “only in case of maternity” pants but I am keeping them in rotation to cut down on laundry.

My husband visited for several days this weekend and was slightly embarrassed not to have shown the same results. Oh hubby, it is ON. Get with the program! He told me to stop sending my shed fat up north. I told him to stop applying it to his body. I also made him test his blood sugar (I am somewhat obsessed) and it was abnormal. That was a big wakeup call for him, because he has seen me struggle with mine so much. He’s going to be cutting his carbs and exercising in the morning. He has always been able to lose weight very quickly when he cares to so I hope that is still the case.  We’ll see what happens with him and what he’s doing. I reminded him to eat his salad before dinner instead of after. I am always feeding the kids fruit & veggie “appetizers” so they fill up on high volume stuff instead of just eating their dinner plates and leaving the rest. Same theory applies for big kids, right?

I keep boiling over my food. This is a common problem with Medifast food and I have only had this problem this week. Sigh. I must be distracted. But otherwise everything went extremely well. Followed the program, everything is good. Blood sugar is good. On my Metformin, but I forgot my dose last night. Bad. I did have a tiny few nibbles of some bitter dark chocolate – just a few pebbles. I’m ok with that. It was like 30 calories worth.

I downloaded the Moves application to my iPhone last week and it is totally awesome. It tells me how far I walked and how long my commute is. It did mess up Sunday and didn’t record 0.6 miles when we walked to the mall. I will forgive it.

I keep forgetting to eat.

My big issue this week was forgetting to eat. I had a couple days where I couldn’t remember if I had had a certain meal. Because I can’t remember basic life functions unless they are written down (consulting my to do app that is telling me I also need to clean the microwave. Who needs to be told to do that? → THIS GAL!).

I think I may have been short a couple days. This week I am making an extra effort to record my food as soon as I eat it. It’s pretty lame to forget to eat. I like to record basically everything I eat but if I can’t manage that at least I can manage counting meals. I think this happened because I was pretty busy and had (or not) the same meal more than once a day (a bar). Usually I mix it up: cocoa or oatmeal for breakfast, a bar, puffs, beef stew or mac & cheese, and a brownie or soft bake cookie. But on unusual days when I am out & about I am not on my usual routine.

I know forgetting to eat sounds crazy but when your blood sugar is stable and you aren’t starving, you really do forget to eat something. Because you aren’t hungry.

Just another week

In truth, it isn’t all that exciting to report on because it’s all the same. I don’t do any weird recipes. I just eat the stuff. I lose weight. Done. Easy.

I do add half a tablespoon of chia seed to my oatmeals and half a tablespoon of flax to my cookies. They come out better that way and I count those as my snack. I put it in my food journal, of course. I AM A WILD AND CRAZY MFer!

There aren’t any pictures because I don’t really feel like I look all that different. Except my behind is like half the size. Every time I remember to take a picture I’m wearing black pants and a black shirt, and it’s not very interesting. And my friends read this blog. They don’t know I’m fat, right? HAHAHAHA. I’ll post a gallery in a month when *I* can see the difference and I am happier. I’m still at the point where I cannot see a huge difference.

Disney World?

I have been toying with the idea of taking my kids to Disney World in a couple weeks. We have Southwest vouchers. Bestie was thinking about coming but it doesn’t look like we can swing that. Boo. I said we can go run a half marathon in a year. We cracked up. Neither of us are runners. She has her elliptical, I have my recumbent bike. They have TVs in front of them. That’s awesome. Maybe we’ll do something awesome like Brazilian jiu-jitsu instead of running.

Anyways, still thinking about the trip. It would be great fun for the kids and we would definitely get in a lot of activity. Here’s how we got our activity in this week!

museum trip
riding parents
serious fort building
riding dad
mommy’s exercise – pushing the kids around in my vehicle. yep, this is my car.
running around like crazy monkeys

I am trying to focus on family fitness instead of just personal fitness. You know what scares me? Pictures of people who have lost a bunch of weight and their still-fat kids. If there’s something that motivates me more than my own personal well-being, it’s that of my kids. I am the first to admit that it’s nearly impossible to get toddlers and preschoolers to do basic things, but I have got to do better than losing weight myself and letting my kids grow obese. My son is on target if not below but my daughter is about 8 pounds heavier than she really should be. She is not on a diet. I just tweak my strategies (more fitness, putting out the fruits & veggies first, etc.) in an effort to improve her health.

A went running with her babysitter last week and yesterday on the way to the mall we raced on the sidewalks. She totally beat me fair & square but I’ll put up a good fight soon. If you see the trampoline in the fort building picture, that’s another way we encourage indoor activity. Right now forts are the big draw.

Did I say I have nothing to write about this week? P’shaw. THIS IS THE LONGEST POST IN THE WORLD! How are you doing? Are you still rocking your New Year’s Resolutions?

The big list o’ weight loss

Jan 4-7: – 8.6 pounds
Jan 14 : – 4.8 pounds
January 21: 0 pounds <– Doing better than my last bloaty week!
January 28: – 5.2 pounds <– c’mon big money!
February 4: -1 pound
February 11: -4 pounds
February 18: – 2 pounds
Total: -25.4 pounds

You can see my previous Minus Monday blog entries. I’m a Take Shape For Life independent Health Coach – come join me!


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