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I am totally totally totally slammed with a big work thing this week. It’s gonna be quick! But yay, I lost four pounds! And also, I found out my site was down today 🙁 boooo.

Summary – February 25

1 month downward progression.
1 month downward progression.

Down: 4 lbs from last week
Total: 29.8 lbs since Jan 4
Lost: 1-2 clothing sizes. 5.9 points on BMI.
Walked: 9 miles!

this is actually short by 0.6 miles that my phone didn’t catch. i wasn’t actually running but i sure as heck was walking fast! i walked 9 miles this week. *

My Week

Let’s see. I’m busy. Did I mention I’m busy? As in I don’t have time to be writing this post but I am anyways because it’s Monday. I colored my hair. Got a hair cut. Got new glasses. Work stuff. Massive thanks to bestie who totally saved my butt by taking off work early on Thursday to drag me around to get new glasses (which required a new eye exam – mine was too old). Yes, we did actually have a makeover emergency and I am now ready and presentable for public viewing. and also, any rewards that may have happened for reaching 30 pounds lost (will likely happen tomorrow) have pretty much been obliterated by the emergency $300 glasses (i have mentioned before mine are purple. they were not OK for this thing) and booking our trip to take the kids to Disney World! Which I have now mentioned in every single post, I’ll shut up, but OMG I AM SO EXCITED! We took them two years ago when E was a baby and he is just going to explode with joy.

I remembered to eat & log my food, 95% of the time. I did take two pictures of my food. That was exciting.

steak & broccoli
steak & broccoli

the following was a catchup attempt for when i forgot to eat. it’s a medifast mac & cheese, crumbled italian sausage, and green beans. i know it looks terrible but it tasted decent. i just threw everything in one bowl and stuck it in the fridge overnight.


really, i’m not terribly creative with this stuff, especially as i don’t have to deal with anyone’s food but mine. there’s a lot to be said about not having your spouse around when you are on a restricted diet. i’ve barely even talked to him this week. 🙁

my main issue this week was “getting snacky” while working. i work a lot. and when i work, i like to snack. especially as a great deal of my work requires an inordinate amount of reading. i dealt by drinking bouillon.

i noticed today that my pants (the next size down after my “only in case of maternity pants”) are fitting properly. as in definitely not tight at all. my big pants nearly fell off my butt this week. i will really be ready to clean out my closet on thursday (my day off). I haven’t stopped wearing the clothes in my closet yet but I need to rotate some smaller clothes in – mine are starting to look like huge bags.

so, that’s it for today. i’m psyched about the 4 pounds but i have more reading to do.

Please share a link to your most recent weight loss post or share how you did this week!

The big list o’ weight loss

Jan 4-7: – 8.6 pounds
Jan 14 : – 4.8 pounds
January 21: 0 pounds
January 28: – 5.2 pounds
February 4: -1 pound
February 11: -4 pounds
February 18: – 2 pounds
February 25: -4 pounds
Total: -29.4 pounds

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