January 2013 Sweet Tooth Peckish box Part II (and Valentine’s Fun!)

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We’ve been having trouble with Vine uploading videos. Bummer! Here’s the kids opening the Peckish box. Fortunately it saves the video to my phone.

I set our Peckish snacks out again while we worked on Valentine’s Day Crafts. We spent the morning addressing pre-made Valentine’s and doing a couple color-in-the-lines craft kits.  Great fun for the kids, I didn’t have to spend my whole day collecting supplies for an elaborate craft project. See yesterday’s review of our Peckish box.

coloring his keychain
What a silly guy!
Giving the pineapple another try

A once again ate the chocolate chips. She spilled the almonds everywhere, and E collected those. Afterwards he tried the pineapple again and after about 15 minutes returned it to me. The hole in the middle of the pineapple made him really happy and he wore it as a ring for a while.

I wanted to note one thing that impressed me in particular – even after being out of the bag for a good long time, the fruit didn’t get moist or weird. The texture stayed the same as when I’d opened it! Since snacks for little kids are often left out for a while or forgotten, this is a really good thing.

This afternoon we sampled our last treat (the banana one) and despite A’s initial protestation that the walnut “was not a nut,” she asked for several more. They both enjoyed it.

Peckish is a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription box that comes with 3 bags of snack mixes.  Each box is $14.99, but you can get $5 off your first box. Check out more details of Peckish Boxes in the directory.


weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription box that comes with 3 bags of snack mixes. Choose from the Energy Booster, the Sweet Tooth, the Nutrition Box, the Protein Box, the Light Box, and the Surprise Me! Box.



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