Happy Heart Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband is coming tonight – posting will be light but I have a few great things coming up! Also, my son’s speech therapist is coming in a few, so I gotta jet. After a YEAR of asking pediatricians about it, I finally got referred to speech therapy. When they evaluated him, he came out as nearly 1 year behind (he’s 25 months, they evaluated him at 14 months). The good news is that he’s at 36 months cognitively and he has no hearing problems. E is just so chill and communicates so well that it hasn’t been a big issue, but when a kid turns two, you kind of expect them to be talking. Apparently his dad did the same thing and he’s just fine. I’m not worried about it, but the speech therapy is free and they come to your house. SWEET!

Speaking of sweet, hope your Valentine’s Day is as sweet as those terrible cupcakes below. And if you’re wondering about the spoons, here ya go. Yep, they’re totally brilliant for littles and dirt cheap too.

we started with hot chocolate
and those blasted cupcakes. tossing them out at naptime. i was not responsible for these.
we opened all our presents (ok, mom took them out of the grocery bag)
and we got into some v-day duds! gotta look fancy, daddy's coming today!
and we got into some v-day duds! gotta look fancy, daddy’s coming today!


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