App Alert: A Very Important App Alert

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Moms, especially moms of those from about age 11 or 12 up, I wanted to alert you to this new app.  It’s called Snapchat.  Snapchat allows users to send photos to another user for “real-time photo chatting.” Users send a photo, and when the recipient opens it, they see it for a few seconds and it vanishes. Of course it’s not really gone – you can take a screenshot with your phone.

I have little ones, so this is really just an FYI for all of you with kids who are starting to be sexually curious (or way past that stage).  When I heard about this app, all I could think was, what a GREAT way to sext. Not only does it make it easy to sext, kids also think that the photos won’t exist any more because the user can’t save it. For both reasons, this app is bad news.

I’m not a fan of censoring Internet access for kids at all. Not in the least. I cringed when I read that contract a mom attached to her son’s iPhone as a Christmas gift. But this just struck me as a terrible terrible idea. If my kids were ten years older I’d be monitoring their phones/devices to ensure this app was NOT on there. I am sure SnapChat has legitimate uses. I think those uses can be accomplished differently.

Every mom should use her own best judgment here. Mine would be to remove this app and have a chat with the kids!

Please note that I really only do Mac. Often if the apps are available cross-platform they will be available in the Google Play store.

Do you think I’m being alarmist? What would you do if this app was on your kids phones?


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