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[box]Please check the directory for updated codes, if any.
I recently signed up for, a snacking subscription box. Who doesn’t like to get yummy little treats in the mail? I primarily signed up to give my two kids some new and unique tasting experiences and textures. We are in a rut and I’m tired of only giving them the same old same old. They primarily snack on fruit, but it isn’t always the most portable item!


Graze is still in beta but if you use my link you can sign up AND get a free box! snazzy!

There is no need to input a code if you use my link, but you can also input code 4GZZ3V7 for your free box. Currently you cannot join Graze without a code.

While there are lots of fruits and nuts and chocolate for child-friendly snacking, there are also unique flavor experiences like graze’s dips and dippers. I hope we get My Thai sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites in a box!


Graze is awesome because you can decide pretty much what to get, or leave it up to Graze. I went ahead and “trashed” the snacks that were spicy (tip: search snacks for keyword “chili”) – this is really for my kids, not for me, and neither of them are crazy about spicy.

What snack are you looking forward to? Will Graze be for you or for your kids?

Check out the directory listing for more information and reviews.


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  • janice harris

    I would like to try your snack box free.

  • lena

    I would like to try the free box of snack.

    • Brandy

      I posted on my fb page. Good luck!

  • Colleen

    I too would love an invitation code, please

  • carlaboo11

    I’d love a code – carlaboo 11 @ yahoo . com

  • Lisa

    A code would be amazing!

  • abby

    I would like one. (Comment edited to remove email address)

  • Elizabeth Naidoo

    I would love a code, thanx! Promise to share.

  • Nicole

    I would love a code for Graze, I will gladly share the ones that I receive. Lov your blog. Thanks!

  • lisa

    I would love a code too if possible! I promise to share!

  • Cheryl

    Would love a Graze code when available and will share the one I receive 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  • Laurel

    graze code please

  • T.

    I would very much appreciate a code and would gladly share back to the community when I have my own.

  • Dee

    I’m dying for an invitation code to graze. I’ve emailed them and they advised me to ask around 🙂 If you have any extra I would be so thankful 🙂

    What a brilliant idea!

  • Kate

    Hi, would love to have a code if you get anymore! Thanks so much!

  • Paulina

    I’ve been wanting to try this! Could you send me a code when you can?


  • Lo

    I used your code to try Juniper and would love to try Graze as well! Could you please send me a code to join Graze if/when one becomes available? Thank you!

  • nicole

    I am looking for a Graze code too… thanks!

  • Katie

    I would love a code! 🙂

  • Kristi

    Hi, i used your link for the juniper box and I am already a member of graze. I just had to stop by and say that i love your blog.

  • Erika

    I love love love this idea. I desire an invitation code! Please consider me if you get more? Thanks! SNAX!

    • Leslie

      would love a code when you get one. thanks!

  • april

    hey! I saw on pinterest and was bummed that you have to have an invite code, i never had heard of it until now. I would really love an invite code when you get a new one!

  • Brooke

    I would really like a code 🙂

  • Maddy

    I’m trying to get a code, if you can help I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!

    • Brandy

      Sorry. There is just nothing out there 🙁

  • Mary

    I am also trying to find a code that is not expired. Thank you for any help with this.!!

    • Brandy

      best thing to do is to subscribe to the blog, i will be posting here any news i get about graze reopening, but i do expect to take some time. then i will follow up with everyone.

  • Miranda

    Found out about the awesomeness that is way too late apparently, all the invite codes I’ve found are expired! Bummer! Please send me one if you get any more – THANK YOU!

  • Natalie

    Please please please give me a code when you get the chance! All of the ones I find are expired :(((

  • Kim

    I really want a code and everything I am finding is expired, do you have anymore and can I please please have one? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Brandy

      Do you have one yet? Please email me, I have 4, would love to get a chain going!

  • Brandy

    You’re welcome! We just got our second box in today and it looks great! The kids especially love the format.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the code/link! It worked great and now I’m anxiously awaiting my first box :). – Lisa

    • Morgan Madison Sanderson

      I went on the link and I still had to enter a code please help need invitation code for my dad’s birthday present

      • Brandy

        Do you have one yet? Please email me, I have 4, would love to get a chain going!

      • Brandy

        Do you have one yet? Please email me, I have 4, would love to get a chain going!

  • Heather

    Hello! Love your site! Would you consider giving me a Graze invite? I would really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!


    • Brandy

      Do you have one yet? Please email me, I have 4, would love to get a chain going!