Julep February 2013 Review – American Beauty

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We got our Julep Maven nail polish subscription box today. Yay!

Before we open the box

We had some important things to do!

Getting our nail polish off!

 Yes, even baby E gets his toes painted. He loves it. It makes him feel so special, and that’s what counts.

I was so excited, because I’d ordered him his own special nail polish. lauraI  do not care at all what color he selects, but I thought it would be nice to have some special “boy” colors just for him.

I ordered E “Laura” from the Bombshell box, a terrible “Olive khaki crème” color from this month’s Bombshell collection. Just not my color at all! But I thought it was boy friendly, so I bought it.

What was in the box


  • 2 nail polishes
  • top coat
  • nail treatment
  • eyelash curler
  • two chocolates
  • THE GREEN WAS not in the box
Can’t you tell how sad my baby boy is that his nail polish is not in the box? He’s counting. He knows something is missing.


I thought this box was a great value. The kids tore into the chocolate immediately, leaving a MESS over everything. Literally everything that was in that box has chocolate crap all over it now. They stole the eyelash curler and used it as a toy for a good twenty minutes. I called Julep about the missing polish and it was shipped separately. USPS, although they delivered 3 packages to my door and 1 to my mailbox inside my secure building, claims to have left a notice for me. Whaaaaat. Liars. It got left in the truck. Hope we get it tomorrow. [UPDATE: We did! E’s getting a manicure tomorrow!] I would just prefer for them to throw the add-ons inside the box to begin with.

But props to the Julep rep who sat through the phone call with me while the kids were being totally wild and singing about eyelash curlers. It was pretty funny.


We had a ton of fun. We “curled” eyelashes after a demonstration from mom and painted our toes! I did my nails with the oxygen treatment and I have to say I really like it. It’s nice and glossy but not thick. I have my fingers crossed that it won’t chip quickly.

Between the oxygen and my need for nail polish remover, I went ahead and ordered the Julep voucher I mentioned earlier.  (no, I’m not schlepping the kids to CVS in the snow!). I think the oxygen treatment is something I will use a lot, especially if the kids are awake. It’s impossible to paint your nails and dry them while they are up. I can’t wait to try the new topcoat. I’m very hard on my nails and they only last 2 days even with a topcoat.

I love how fun boxes are for the kids and how easy it is for me to pick up the things I need to look professional and have some fun too. I fear, though, that have doomed them to a serious mail habit in the future.

Oh, and the colors were super nice. I loved them. A called them sparkling grape and butter.

IMG_3927 IMG_3928 IMG_3931

Sign up for Julep Maven and get your first box for just one cent with code PENNY. It is very easy to skip or cancel and really worth a try for so little. On my penny order I bought the Matte topcoat and got free shipping on my whole order instead of paying the shipping on just the box.

See additional information about Julep Nail Polish subscription box in the directory.


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