January 2013 Bulu Box Subscription Box Review

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IMG_3850Bulu Boxis a monthly health, nutrition, and supplement discovery box. You earn rewards to spend on full-size products by subscribing and reviewing samples. Lucky “Bulugans” can also win mega-prizes in their monthly box. Bulu Box costs $10 a month.  See the Bulu Box directory listing for additional information and reviews.

So, I got my first Bulu Box today. Or, rather, boxes. I had signed up for my first free box, then took advantage of a deal for a 3 month subscription for only $15.  Instead of processing them sequentially, I got two identical boxes today. Total bummer.

On the upside, a previous customer service inquiry led me to receiving 50 free rewards points from Bulu (my stupid mistake! Thanks Bulu!). So I was happy with that interaction. However, I am definitely not thrilled to get two of this box (and my Bulu Box account indicates a charge for $10 for the first box, so, ummm…). Not sure what to think yet. I don’t think my credit card reflects a charge for the first box.

Nails in Revlon Top Speed in Stormy (fabulous greige! I have had this one for 2 years and I haven’t worn it until today) with Julep Matte Top Coat.

Here’s what I got in my January Bulu Box(es)


Dream Water (snoozeberry flavor) – $14.99/4 bottles

Dream Water has GABA, Melatonin and 5-HTP (Tryptophan) to help you relax and is sugar free. I do take melatonin for long distance travel and I always need help winding down at the end of the day. I will happily try this sample! My nanny saw them and said they really work and she’s been looking for them everywhere. Sample value: $3.75.

Red Stinger Black Label from NRGX Labs – $59.96/90 caps

I wasn’t entirely thrilled about receiving this sample, although I knew this sort of thing was a total possibility. I was a little more open to it after reading the ingredients. I wouldn’t take it because of the caffeine. I don’t drink coffee so this would be very disturbing to my system, but I wouldn’t worry about it if I were a coffee drinker. As most supplements of this type, everything is of questionable value, although some items look promising. The sample didn’t come with ingredients listed or warnings, which I found troubling. Sample value: $0.66.

Amount per 1 Capsule

– Chromium Picolinate |100mcg.

-Niacin | 5000mcg.

-Vitamin B-5 (d-calcium Pantothenate) | 12.5mg.

-Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) | 2500mcg.

-Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin) | 250mcg.

-Calcium Carbonate | 25mg.

– RS™ BLACK CORE | 713mg. Caffeine | 125mg [OMG SO MUCH CAFFEINE] , 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Geranium [Stem]) [SOME SORT OF DECONGESTANT], Green Tea Extract (98% polyphenols) [OK THIS IS PRETTY NORMAL], L-Tyrosine [“A number of studies have found tyrosine to be useful during conditions of stress, cold, fatigue, loss of a loved one such as in death or divorce, prolonged work and sleep deprivation, with reductions in stress hormone levels, reductions in stress-induced weight loss seen in animal trials,improvements in cognitive and physical performance seen in human trials”], Caralluma Fimbriata 20:1 extract [trial shows it “has anti-obesogenic and anti-atherogenic property… However there is no independent evidence to suggest that the amount of extract found in these products is sufficient to obtain the same results as the clinical trial.“], Phenylethylamine hydrochloride (PEA), Oxyphenylon (Rubus Idaeus) 99% Ketones, Guggulipids (10% guggulesterones), Zingiber Officinale (5% gingerols), Bitter Orange Extract (30% synephrine), >N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine(NAT), Coleus Forskohlii (20% forskolin), Cacao Extract (8% theobromine) , White Willow Bark Extract (15% salicin), 2-(3,4- dihydroxyphenyl)- 3,5,7- trihydroxy- 4H- chromen- 4-one, Kelp (brown algae), Alpha Lipoic Acid [I TAKE THIS SEPARATELY, GOOD FOR BLOOD SUGAR], Black pepper Extract (Bioperine).
Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour.

Immuno Gum – $6.99/2 packs

I was happy with this sample! It’s sugar free and made with xylitol (I use it for my teeth due to acid erosion on my gumline). Has Zinc & Vitamin C. And Zinc is also great for reducing bad breath. Sample value: $3.50.

Western Homeopathics Products Sinus – $9.99/1 oz bottle

I will give this to my husband, who has terrible sinus issues. Sample value: going with $2.

Balanced Nutrition Perfect Blocks Food Supplement – $59.95/3.1 lb container (60 servings)

I have an axe to grind with the labeling of this sample. No amount given, no ingredients, no nutritional information. It turns out that it looks to be a great product – well balanced nutrition, vanilla flavored (not on the sample), and sweetened with stevia (not on the sample). Why wasn’t this on there? Annoying. I am looking forward to trying this out.


Box subscribers get 15% off the products in the box. Total value is just under $11, which is decent, but just barely. I wish I had received two different months but that was my fault for signing up and then doing the promo. I was impressed at how quickly the boxes made it to my door. I found it annoying that some of the samples weren’t properly labeled, and that the insert didn’t have additional information about the samples (like ingredients).

I think there are other health oriented boxes that may be a better match for me personally but if you are totally into the supplement culture, I think this is a great match. I’m looking forward to seeing what other discoveries show up in my next two boxes! I wish there was an option to get more of a certain kind of item (like protein powders) but I’m happy to pick up some new things that may work well for us.

Did you get a Bulu Box? What did you think?


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