Blue Bottle Coffee

tonx-coffee-bag-2oz-90672e78feb9738fd5dadae978f1027e Tonx is a coffee bean subscription service.  For $12 per 6 ounce bag every other week or $19 per 12 ounce bag every other week Tonx ships beans within 24 hours of roasting so you’ll never be without fresh beans! Tonx says they want to bring you the best of the best coffee beans so they  “follow the tilt of the Earth and the harvest cycles of the coffee growing world to hunt down the most transcendent and interesting green coffees from the top producers, nail the roasting, and deliver them to you at their peak. We aim for coffees that are naturally sweet and balanced, crowd-pleasing, and awesome.”

Tonx has a free trial for a 2 ounce bag which my husband will be getting soon! I just picked him up a baby coffee grinder – nothing fancy or top of the line – so that he can grind his coffee beans fresh every day. It takes quite a bit of work to keep my husband in the coffee that he prefers and I hope he will be interested in trying this. He, like me, likes trying new things all the time, so Tonx beans may prove to be very interesting! Tonx also has decaf beans available for those not wanting or needing caffeine in your beans.