Mother Goose Time


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Mother Goose Time is a professionally designed preschool “curriculum in a box.”  It is fantastic!*

If you are a stay at home mom  of toddlers and preschoolers, this is the box you need. Or, if you are like me, working outside of the home during daylight hours, but your children are cared for inside your home, you need this!!! We found that the free curriculum available in various places just wasn’t cutting it. We always needed a supply, or something was missing, or there were no directions, or the activities just weren’t geared for their ages, or we spent all day looking up the next project instead of doing the next project.

Mother Goose Time is a complete preschool curriculum. You open the box and you are ready to go. Each day’s supplies are contained neatly within plastic bags for each day. There is a bag for every school day and there are often holiday-themed bonus bags. Each month is built around a theme and each week a sub-theme. There are usually 3 letters, 2 colors, a shape, and two numbers for the month. There are “More Math” and “More Reading” supplements designed for ages 4-6, which we use with A. You can also inexpensively add-on a faith-based curriculum. Each month comes with a CD of in-house produced music matching the theme, as well as a book.


A completing a sheet from “More Reading”

All the supplies for Mother Goose Time are professionally designed and completely adorable. There is an extensive teacher’s guide keyed by day. It will tell you exactly what to do that day. Just follow the script, starting with circle time, through the day’s activities.

Mother Goose Time is on a 9-month curriculum. There are nine months of preschool, a “capstone” month (to review everything you learned, and two months of summer programs. The themes are so much fun and really get my kids going. Activities include arts and crafts, science projects, games, storytelling, shape manipulation, physical play, songs, writing, fine motor skills, and more.

One entire year (including the 9+ months ordering discount, and shipping AND a set of More Math/More Reading), is less than $17 per week – with curriculum for every single school day. If you order it one at a time, it will cost you just over $20 per week.

Our tips for Mother Goose Time

  • photocopy the day divider page for a coloring sheet. this is a great activity for when you are setting up for the day.
  • in the last couple days of the month there is a nursery rhyme/song poster. fish that out and hang it up at the beginning of the month.
  • check the MGT Facebook page for weekly thematic one page sheets. I print these out so we can show the kids what we are doing for the week. (I don’t think they are doing them anymore!)
  • be sure to read the gathering guide before your month starts so you can collect any extra supplies needed for the month (usually food items).
  • don’t worry if you don’t do every single activity – some of them are designed for bigger groups of kids. you don’t need specific stations set up either. It’s more important to just have fun.

Safari bird craft


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taking notes in her field journal

* I have zero affiliation with Mother Goose Time, just an extremely happy customer.

Also, if you are ever wondering about the art projects hanging on our walls, it’s Mother Goose Time. We have a very child-focused house and our walls are often covered with their work.