Kiwi Crate July 2015 Subscription Box Review & Half Off Coupon

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kiwi crate July 2015 box

The kids are crazy for¬†Kiwi Crate¬†— so much so that we have to hide the boxes so they don’t get into them before we can photograph the contents and set up our crafting area. ¬†Kiwi Crate¬†is a kids’ craft and activity subscription and it comes with everything you need to create 2 excellent crafts. This box is geared for ages 3-7. Use coupon code SHARE10¬†to save 50% on your first box of¬†Kiwi Crate¬†(or Kiwi Crate family¬†subscriptions¬†Tinker Crate,¬†Koala Crate, and¬†Doodle Crate¬†).


kiwi crate July 2015 theme

The July¬†Kiwi Crate¬†included two activities¬†exploring¬†what is most kids first shot at¬†running a business — the lemonade stand!¬†¬†Kiwi Crate¬†is very good about, depending on your perspective, either making the kids build their toys, or providing crafts that are fun to play with. ¬†In either case, there is always plenty of opportunity for guided and self-directed exploration.
kiwi crate July 2015 coloring

The back of the main card. It’s fun to color in, and my son always carefully selects the right color for Steve the Kiwi. ¬†Each box includes a completion sticker to proudly display on their Adventures poster.


kiwi crate July 2015 review

Kiwi Crate includes all the supplies you need for two main crafts, plus explore! magazine.


kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2813

Each issue of explore! magazine  features a short comic, experiments and puzzles or picture or word find type games.  My son likes to complete the explore! activities cover-to-cover before proceeding to the crafts. Our daughter sneaks the book out first and reads the entire thing.

It has additional information and crafts and activities you can complete with household supplies to keep the fun going.


kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2805

My Shop Sign.  The first project was constructing a chalkboard shop sign, complete with a lemon-shaped eraser and stencils to trace.

kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2810

The instructions are simple to follow, but younger kids will want a some assistance from an adult helper.


kiwi crate lemonade stand review

The finished crafts:  a cash register, including money and a real calculator, and a self-standing billboard with eraser.

kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2803

My Cash Register.  The cash register assembles easily and includes money, a calculator, and game cards.


kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2804 kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_2811

The instructions are really easy — and the buttons are all self-stick.

kiwi crate July 2015 cash register

Proud shopkeeper.

kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_3770

The cards have pictures of the coins required to make the correct sum for the item to be purchased, so the kids can practice working with money.

kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_3786 kiwi crate July 2015 IMG_3795

This basket of goods was $7.00 even!

A lot of activity boxes would focus on the lemonade itself, providing cups and a recipe. ¬†I like that Kiwi Crate¬†brings new items to the table and provides activities beyond what you would already have on hand — plus it’s not messy or sugary. ¬†Our kids love¬†Kiwi Crate¬†because it is the best box in the Kiwi family for them both to do (they are four and six). ¬†The activities and instructions are generally very simple, but the kit always includes some factoids and extension activities that keep our older child interested.

You can save $10 on your first¬†Kiwi Crate¬†with coupon code SHARE10! ¬†You can use this code on all the other Kiwi Crate family¬†subscriptions too –¬†Tinker Crate,¬†Koala Crate, and¬†Doodle Crate.

Visit Kiwi Crate to subscribe or to find out more about this fantastic kids’ craft subscription box! Check¬†out all our¬†Kiwi Crate Reviews¬†to see more.

The Subscription: Kiwi Crate
The Description: Arts, crafts, and science activities subscription for kids ages 3-7. Get a monthly subscription filled with all the materials and inspiration that will let your child explore, imagine, and create, all centered around a fun monthly theme!
The Price: $19.95 per month, down to $16.95 per month on a year long subscription
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