It’s Wednesday!

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It’s Wednesday! and my husband is on. his. way. home. FOR GOOD!  Every time I mention this I feel like people think he’s been in prison or something. Nope. He’s just been working in Vermont for almost two years. In fact, a few months after he left I was just so utterly bored I started blogging. And that’s how my blog was born. Let’s not talk about the name though. I still totally hate the name of my blog (I’m bad with naming things, except for my kids), but we’re all totally stuck with it now, right?? Today I have funny photos of my kids and all the random crap I bought this week. I always feel like I need to show you all the random stuff I buy too!

The Julep Secret Store is open for everyone. Details here.


Julep Oxygen Base Coat & Blocks (filler item). I had a $15 coupon so I bought this. I still really need to check it out! IMG_3716

Orly Sparkling Garbage from last year’s FabFitFun VIP Box. Still one of my very favorites. Check out this year’s summer FFF VIP box spoilers. I wish Julep would put out some TRUE holo polishes (IMO the polishes Julep calls holos aren’t) IMG_3720

Yes, I totally bought it. I was just going to take a snap and I figured what the hell. Yes I know that Betty Crocker makes similar (cheaper) mixes but we don’t have those in our Safeway. IMG_5498

I finally used a Popsugar Gorjana & Griffin voucher I’ve had around and got these flamingo earrings. I also just discovered you can get them on Amazon, with prime shipping?!? That’s awesome because g&g shipping is pretty spendy. I was totally psyched to find that unlike the g&g photos, these flamingos face opposite ways. LOVE THEM. IMG_3731

FYI, if you get this catalog, the back has a promo code that’s $10 off a $10 order at LL Bean. USE IT. Free shipping. IMG_3712

My kids, watching Erin unbox things. Really, this is what they do with their free time? This is funny. IMG_3711 Sneaky sneaker gets up every night and hops right into my bed. I love me a little Jonathan Adler too sweetie.

That’s it for today! I have to go bake a cake and decorate it like the moon. I have NO idea how that is happening except that we have white frosting. I don’t even know where my round cake pans are.


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  1. 6' says

    I grabbed my LLBean catty and no coupon. So sad :( I need to really check those before I just toss them out to recycle since who knows when I will be getting one.

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