July SurpriseRide Review

I was sent the July SurpriseRide subscription box for review.

SurpriseRide is a monthly activity box for kids, and let me tell you, it kept my kids busy and engaged in the themed activity for¬†days. SurpriseRide is $29.99 per month and for kids aged 6-11. ¬†That totally didn’t stop my kids (2.5 & 4.5) from enjoying every minute of this box. SurpriseRide comes with¬†everything you need to do the activity and it is perfect to get just because, for a gift, or for vacation (because you don’t need supplies).

Until July 31, you can use coupon code SPLURGE10 to save $10 off the August SurpriseRide or any subscription plan. I strongly recommend it!

SurpriseRide comes in this nice big cheerfully decorated box. It’s your suitcase for your adventure! The box was addressed to my kids, and A was very excited to read both their names on the box. 1373593448.jpg

July SurpriseRide Box: Hidden Treasures

The intro card was on top when I opened it. SurpriseRide had a lot of cards, which I found useful.  This card told me everything that was in the box.

The Essentials

  • Decorate a Treasure Chest
  • Create a Treasure Map (including sticker book)
  • Build a Floating Pirate Ship

and the Extras!

  • Fools Gold
  • Treasure Island Book
  • Pirate Tattoo
  • Pirate’s Booty Snack

I knew my kids would love this box, so I was pretty excited to get started. We did several activities all at once and spread some of the other activities over a few days. It was nice that this one was so extendable instead of being over in half an hour.


I liked how much information SurpriseRide included!  There was an information card that included instructions on two of the activities on each side of the card. Because SurpriseRide is intended for kids that are older than mine, the step-by-step instructions are really helpful so kids those age can complete the activities on their own.  Mine need more help so I was in charge.

The SurpriseRide booklet was full of tons of facts about pirates. I read the facts to the children as we were doing each activity.  IMG_8112

I set up A with the Treasure Chest as I helped E build the ship! A was so totally into this activity. When we went to Disney in April we stayed at Port Orleans Resort and sent her on the Pirate Cruise on her last day (E wasn’t old enough). ¬†She made sure to use all the pirate words she learned on the cruise.¬† IMG_8110 I built the ship for E and the ever-present Mickey went sailing, along with his booty (the Fool’s Gold). E’s ship has traveled our entire apartment about 50 times. He loves it.Although this box is designed for older kids, it was perfect for my two. They love more complicated activities and it really prompted them to use their imagination. I decorated the sail with a sticker. And yeah, E got tattooed, too! That’s what happens when you’re a pirate. IMG_8102

A completed her masterpiece. In the past week it’s held Fool’s Gold, brownies, and peanuts. ¬†Kid treasures.


While E played with the boat and A painted, I started reading the book. It’s an adaptation of Treasure Island. We actually read the book over several days. IMG_8103

There are pictures, and the words are bigger to allow developing readers to read more easily. ¬†I was very excited to find a book in this box, especially one that was so topically interesting. It wasn’t a little kid book, which was a very welcome change for me. I read a lot to my kids, but don’t always enjoy it. I liked reading this one and remembered that I’d first read it when I was about seven. ¬†The age is perfect for this!


While I was reading the kids had a Pirate Snack. Argh!


Next it was time for the Treasure Map! IMG_8105

A really nice book of stickers (many pages with three different pirate themes) was included in the box. It was perfect for decorating the sad island I drew. Yes, I also decorated my kids with scarves. We had so much fun because the theme was so immersive. IMG_8106

We took the map outside on a treasure hunt. IMG_8108

Lucky for me we live in an apartment complex with free cookies. IMG_8109

I didn’t get pictures of me discussing the Fool’s Gold with the kids. My son enjoyed playing with it but my daughter was very interested in the pyrite and the information on the card. I loved how I didn’t have to go look up anything, everything was right in the booklet. The kids learned a lot and had a ton of fun completing the activities in the SurpriseRide. ¬†What I really loved is that this wasn’t just a craft box. There were art activities, a building activity, historical facts, literature, science, and more. ¬†Floating the boat is on tap for tomorrow and I’ll discuss buoyancy with them too! ¬†It’s theme based but very complete and totally open-ended. I added the mini treasure hunt and just went along with the fun.

If you want to learn more about SurpriseRide or subscribe, you can go here to do that! Remember to use code SPLURGE10 to save $10!

Thanks SurpriseRide for sending me this box! It was days of fun with the kids!

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