March Juniper Box Review – For us, by us!

My March Juniper Box arrived!

I got my March Juniper box yesterday, about a week ahead of schedule. As much as I loved the February Juniper box, I think I love this one even more! Who knew I would be a period box fan?! But I am a super-fan of Juniper!

Juniper is a tampon and treats box that comes with all your monthly supplies, pain relief, and stuff to make your period a little less annoying. It is a premium box with a first-I’ve-seen value add of tracking your period for you. Be sure to check out all the time of the month boxes in the directory! Juniper is $28/month plus free shipping. You can also read all my Juniper subscription box reviews!

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As always, Juniper comes in a plain white box. Even better it is highly reusable! 20130311-122826.jpg

What’s in my Juniper Box?

20130311-122839.jpg My Juniper BFF (and founder!) Lynn sent a note describing the theme for this month – and it is woman-centric. Everything in the box is crafted by a woman-founded company. How appropriate and wonderful. 20130311-122832.jpg


J&M Cheddar Twists. For the salt/savory lovers!


I was impressed by the nutritionals on this item in particular. I was surprised to see the protein count so high, and that’s a direct result of cheese being the first ingredient. They are deeply cheddary!


Anna’s Honeys. In Clover, Peach, and Apple (all in some way a slight nod to this month’s holidays). Perfect to go with the tea! 20130311-123009.jpg

Teatulia Teas. Peppermint, Ginger, and Lemongrass. Fair Trade & Organic.  20130311-122926.jpg

BT McElrath Salty Dog (in home compostable packaging! seriously it says so on the wrapper). These are dark. And salty. And good. Diet police stay away. 20130311-123021.jpg

Sante Sweet & Spicy Pecans (it’s pi-CAANs and nobody can tell me different). 20130311-123003.jpg

Sea + Cane Cabernet Caramels. These are the first things I saw when opening the box. OMG OMG OMG WHAT EVIL GENIUS CAME UP WITH THESE? 20130311-122957.jpg

If you haven’t gotten your March period yet you would be somewhat insane to skip this box.


Should you splurge?

Yes! I think this is a real luxury box with super-unique items and I am thrilled with it again. I really liked the salty and sweet theme and thought this box in particular catered to a variety of tastes without being schizophrenic. I think there is going to be something new to appreciate and admire each month about this box. And if I can think more about the box and less about my period, fantastic :)

I think Juniper’s aesthetic is extremely high-end and very adult – which is something an old lady like me needs! This is not a throw-a-piece of Ghirardelli in with the tampons box (and yes the Salty Dogs are a million times superior to the similar Ghirardelli salt ones). In the end subscription boxes are about execution and Juniper executes perfectly. To top it off Juniper tracks your period for you and has the best subscription box customer service I’ve experienced.

I really loved having my supplies ready to rumble all in one spot last month. And my little gold bag to stick everything into. The kids have since made off with the gold bag but I have a new one! After my period was over my Juniper BFF checked in with me to confirm on the supplies I wanted for this month. Juniper basically totally customizes your period supplies for your personal needs and my box reflected some changes I had made. There were more than enough, which is good, because there are always other women who might need extra supplies when visiting my place!






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  1. 3'Michele says

    Lynn, thanks for the tip about Juniper! While the Post Office messed up (they ‘lost’ my box, and I had to call them and get a bit shirty in order to make them find it), I did get it on time for my period! All the goodies are sitting here ready for me to devour, and the box arrived a bit more than a week before my period was to show up (which, because of my 10-day wait on the box, means it arrived just on time).

    My review? I just had the ginger tea. It’s delicious. Everything in the box looks very high quality. I really like it. And it’s nice not to have to go to the market for my tampons and things, since I work weird hours and it can be a pain to get to the supermarket or pharmacy. If I was making more money or having the kinds of periods I used to have (nowadays they don’t last too long), I would want to get this indulgeance very month or two.
    I certainly think the itemsare quality and worth the money, and I like the idea of supporting a woman-owned and operated company. But my budget will probably only allow me to get this 4-6 times a year.
    One other thing. While the ir website is awesome, I don’t understand the assumptions (I can only guess that such women exist?) that periods are somehow nasty and awful, and that it’s embarassing and somewhat humiliating to buy things like tampons and pads. I don’t need a box to be discreet, and I’m not embarrassed to ask for menstrual products. I never have been, not even as a teenager. Maybe it’s because I read ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ at the age of 12, or maybe because my mother taught me that having one’s period meant that I was a woman, but I’ve never associated anything negative with having a menstrual period (except for the awful cramps I used to get as a teen and young adult, before I learned that simple exercise and abstaining from anything caffeinated the week before would bring my discomfort down to near nothing, other than some irritability).

    I do like the idea of getting a treat in the mail now and again, even if I have to pay for it. I don’t like getting the message from a woman owned and operated company that there’s something shameful and bad about bleeding once a month. There’s no reason to be ashamed of the body’s natural functions, especially when they are (or were) part of our ability to potentially have children, and are the things that make all women, no matter where they live or who they are, as one with one another.

    I do intend to recommend this company. I think it’s a great idea. I’m even hoping that they will eventually offer a special box for those of us in perimenopause, with perhaps fewer tampons and more pads (and maybe some natural soaps and things for when we might feel less ‘fresh’). But I also hope they start including a little information each month on how to love one’s body, enjoy one’s period while it lasts, and maybe offer some tips on how to deal with cramping and other symptoms without having to resort to anything much stronger than Midol and a heating pad.

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